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TMIEAust CEngT and TMIEAust CEngT NER who meet the eligibility


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3. Evidence Required in Support of Application

Please provide your verified Curriculum vitae (CV) that shows you have a minimum 7 years' experience, post-graduation, in the area of practice in which you are seeking registration and that you have accumulated 2 years in responsible charge of engineering work during this period.

Responsible charge of Engineering work can be taken as:
  • planned, designed, coordinated and executed a small project; or
  • undertaken part of a longer project based on understanding of the whole project; or
  • undertaken broadly-defined and/or multi-disciplinary work.
Your CV must be verified by two Members or Fellows of Engineers Australia, or persons of equivalent standing, who can personally confirm the accuracy of the statements made. They can be Engineers with whom you have worked e.g. supervisor, engineering director. Each verifier should make a statement as follows: 'I verify that this is a true statement of the career history of [applicant's name] during the period [date] to [date]'. The statement should be signed and dated by each verifier.

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